Wednesday, October 22, 2008

All Eyes On YOUR Product!!!

We saw this display of a lovely handbag catching the voyeuristic attention of a wall of Wall-E-like security cameras. The cameras appeared to be hollow replicas formed from a classic security camera mold. With a little modification and value engineering, Voila!!

Electronic component shell replication can suddenly make your prop idea affordable and approachable when you need many units on a tight budget. Some components are readily available and others are just a mould away from your product display.

Ask us about any design ideas you may have for electronic component parts!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Last month CDW Merchants officially turned 3 and as anyone who has been around a toddler knows, NOW the real work begins! It's been an amazing journey so far

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Those in retail will tell you - a good window can stop pedestrians in their tracks and pulls them into your stores. In this case, a street vendor on a corner in Soho added a little humor to his display of music. This independent entrepreneur makes mixed CDs which in the age of digital downloads must be getting harder, so he added a nod to the growing real estate and economic woes and traffic increased. If you can get your customers to let their guard down, there is a better shot of closing a sale. Visual elements can be a great way to begin that conversation.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Any one that lives or has lived in an apartment knows…it’s all about “containment”. Sometimes you have a large number of things that when organized and put away looks neater and makes you feel better. So you rush off to The Container Store or Ikea and get some boxes and viola – your 500 sq foot apartment suddenly feels bigger and looks bolder!

In this case, the visual merchants are using box crates to display a large quantity of boots. The wall of white painted wood boxes makes a statement on its own and by filling them up with product; it grounds the window and organizes the boots so the viewer can look at them while creating a curiosity about what else is inside.

Also, these wood crates can be saved and later used in an entirely new way – which is a better bang for the merchants buck and with budgets being what they are – a necessary thing.