Thursday, April 30, 2009

Singular Focus

Sometimes it works to take one item and repeat it or use it in multiples. We see this technique employed often and here are 3 examples with varying results.
The multiple layered leaves and birds convey spring and were spotted in Shanghai. Though I like the large scale of the props and the whimsical shapes, I don't think the total window is a visually appealing - perhaps due to the choice of colors.
The umbrella's catching crystals (or "rain") was dramatic due to the tall ceiling and multiple layers and helped elevate the somewhat plain dresses shown here at Tadashi in Las Vegas. Perhaps April showers do bring may flowers.
The beach inspired driftwood "fence" seen below was also hung over the cash wrap and together proved interesting. The outfit might have reflected something a bit more 'seaworthy' but overall it directed your attention to the summer clothing.

What's your thoughts? Single Props in multiples - hot or not?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ah, the Magic of Spring

New season, new holidays, new flowers, new clothes. Spring is all in the details as is this window. From the bunnies hiding in the grass to the bounty of the spring blooms, the magic of the season is clear in this childish but whimsical window.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pedestal Rising!

Here are some examples of risers and pedestals that help highlight product and give height to window displays. The corrugated 'seat' for the mannequin is interesting as well as purposeful and each of these serve a different need but all speak to the idea that pedestrians notice what is at eye level more than objects on the floor. So vary the height of your window and get your product noticed. Go ahead - put yourself on a pedestal!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Like a Moth to a flame

Always drawn to beauty, found myself once again in front of Bergdorf Goodman's - looking at the most stunning digital prints of Moths from Joseph Scheer's new book. The complementary fashions exhibited along side this artwork made the windows truly magical. Another fine moment for art and fashion.

Friday, April 17, 2009

10 Things to consider when planning an appealing window

With so much competition, how do you "cut through the clutter" and make your windows stand out? Think of these 10 things when planning your window and you are sure to hit on a winner.

1. Keep an inspiration guide to help you generate ideas. Whether its tear sheets, postcards, photos, books - have a place to log visual references. Always be seeking inspiration.
2. Keep a record of your past windows. Look back on past work by year, month or season–you don’t want to repeat but you do want to know what worked so you can re-use a concept.
3. Speak to your stores marketing team to know what products to highlight – its best if you can plan by the year or at least the quarter. Stores should have a consistent message throughout.
4. Focus window design on what products you are selling. Good VM should tie back to merchandise – find a thread to link props to product.
5. Hold brainstorming sessions with team members from various departments; sales, PR, VM, etc to get different points of view and fresh ideas.
6. Speak to your store or brand audience. Tailor your windows to appeal to your customers. Controversial window designs are maybe not the right choice for stores with an older, traditional clientele.
7. Fully design your window(s) layout and be clear of objective before you begin. Think how it will be viewed and will it convey the message you are aiming for?
8. Set a budget and timeline and determine how you will get all items to store by install date – leave time for accidents, delivery mistakes and problems.
9. Add props and enhancements that will make pedestrians stop and note, or customers take a second look within the store. Be bold – people love to be wowed!
10. After you have installed the windows or store sets, walk around and check work. Stand outside and listen to people talk – they may give you things to think about for next time.

And finally remember to be flexible. Sometimes the best ideas are not carried out with perfection and can muddle the message. You may need to change your idea midstream but don’t get stuck – your goal should always be about the end result – a great window or floor set. And remember, sometimes - less is more (and sometimes it’s not).

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Last dance of the Butterfly

I think we have exhausted the butterfly spotting but I have this last batch to share from Vegas and Shanghai. The Vegas stores are in the Cesare's Forum, which is a great mall with top retailers and a must visit if you find yourself on the strip. The Shanghai photos are from the "superbrand mall" which is one of the biggest malls, located near the Pearl Tower and filled with local, national and international brands. We have concluded that the butterfly was THE dominant motive this spring but seeing the various ways stores use it was fun and inspiring -as a backdrop banner in Shanghai, as paper "curtains" at Custo Barcelona, as a collage at our Global Shop booth, as 3-D prop and window clings in Vegas, as a vitrine enhancement at Tiffany's. We hope you enjoyed it too.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fashion and Art

The two have had a long intertwined relationship!
Whether being used directly to capture customer's attention or to compare the range of offerings to a rich palette of paints - art and fashion go hand in hand. Here are two examples seen recently.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring is Abloom!

The magic of spring is upon us and signs of it are popping up all over, especially at retail. Macy's annual Flower Show blossomed last week with flowering windows and sidewalk performances. All the 34th street windows featured whimsical paper sculptures by Eloise Corr Danch. Easter bonnets shone in the bright sun on Fifth Avenue this past weekend. Each year, bulbs and flowers bring light and color to our spirits as we shake off the darkness of winter - this year it is a very welcome and refreshing sign of hope and renewal as we look toward a better economy and brighter future. Where have you seen signs of hope at retail?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bees have purpose too.

Turns out the bee windows shown earlier are to highlight Earth Day 2009 and the roles bees play in our lives. Cute windows AND educational tie in - we love that. To learn more....

Crafty Window Buzzzzzz

Anthropologie leads the pack in creativity but those bees have been buzzzzy! The windows here are from the NYC 5th Avenue store, but we saw a variation in Las Vegas that was beee-utiful. Kraft tissue, natural papers, corrugated boxes, and a lot of patience resulted in this inspiring Spring series. Clever and pedestrian-stopping, these brand enhancing windows made us take notice of the cute clothes that complemented the beehives - Beee-licious!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Flower Display

Here is a floral trend we noticed recently -
the red tree was seen in the lobby of the Paramount hotel in NYC, not two weeks later, we saw the green trees outside a special events location on Park Avenue. Looks like twigs with flower balls are popular. We are looking for the 3rd example of this - if you see it, let us know. This could be reworked in a myriad of materials - as the shapes are classic and the effect pleasing.