Friday, July 29, 2011

Unlocking the door at Bergdorf's

Always inspiring, another compelling window from Bergdorf's. This one on the "simpler 57th St side of the store", showed doors and keys in a most interesting way.

The impact of the "domino" door display is terrific and the choice of clothing against the white backdrop is powerful.

We like the way this window takes a simple idea and with careful thought and execution makes an amazing and fun visual statement.

Knock, knock.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Going back to art school with Urban Outfitters

Here's something we noticed....another set of canvas and wood frames used in windows. Last week Cole Haan used them to highlight their new hand painted line, this week Urban Outfitters used them in their back to school windows.

The canvases are used backwards and in some cases, the canvas has been stripped to show only the wood frames, adding another dimension to these artistically inspired windows.

With the addition of books and lockers, these windows make us want to go back to art school....or at least just look as if we do.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Visual Merchandising as Art at Cole Haan

If visual merchandising is an art form, than Cole Haan is taking it literally!
Their current hand painted collection is being highlighted in a cleaver way to really focus attention to it's merchandise.
These new designs are shown in a stylized paint studio setting complete with canvases, jars filled with brushes and paint splattered cans and stools. The canvases are great backdrops for the bags and the stools make great risers.
Overall these windows tell a great story and make one want to take a closer look - and that is an art form!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

FIT students "kick it"with Keds at Lord & Taylor

Lord & Taylor brought the backyard indoors in their current summer windows. The windows featured Keds shoes designed by FIT students and used topiaries to merchandise the four winners of the design contest whose shoes are currently being sold at Lord & Taylor.

Elements of grass, garden hoses, and faucets also adorned adjacent windows while traditional white Keds hung from faucets screwed into the

We like the simplicity of these outdoor themed windows. In this heat, we just wish the garden hoses were active.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Interpretations in Wood" at Anthropologie

Anthropologie never disappoints with it's unique window concepts and the various ways the stores install them. Recently, we compared the "Window frame windows" of Rockefeller Center and the 5th Avenue locations.

At Rockefeller Center, they used the wooden frames to build geometric yet somewhat abstract shapes. Ranging from simple backdrops to full structured sculptures, the windows were quite eye catching.

On 5th Ave the message was still very effective though much less abstract. The frames were larger and filled with the colored wood bits that only made an accent at the Rockefeller store. The effect was more colorful and somewhat artistic looking.

Both stores did a great job of catching our eye as Anthropologie delivers on a message!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Choose Juicy in the Hampton's

Bling is all the rage at Juicy Couture in the Hampton's.

We love these glittery windows with "Choose Juicy" adorned in rhinestones. They are simple, yet clearly eye catching and definitely brand right.

What's catching your eye this summer?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Who wears short shorts (at Bloomies)?

The current Bloomingdales 59th Street windows are a colorful ode to cut off shorts.

White backdrops and chairs lit by gel covered lights focus on the shorts in a whimsical manner by suggesting the length has been cut off. strips of fabric remain in piles of denim and assorted bright colors. All of the mannequins are wearing the shorts and holding over sized white scissors.

Here's a fun narrative window that tells a good story about a product they want to push.

Roping us in at Levi's, Polo and J. Crew

Rope is turning up all over - seen here at 3 different retailers recently in NYC.
Levi's on 59th St used rope to make curtains with hooks dangling in asymmetrical patterns. They were also shown in literal form hung like traditional 'rock climbing' rope complete with wood carvings which resembled small mountains.

At Bloomingdales Ralph Lauren Men's Store loose rope was displayed on the floor with nautical props.

The placement was relaxed yet deliberate and the other elements in the window helped add dimension.

J.Crew had a similar nautical theme but kept it clean with no additional props. Rope was used as backdrop in various widths connecting from floor to ceiling to create a rope wall of sorts.

Collectively, rope works well in these windows and is used effectively to tell three distinct visual stories.