Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Roping us in at Levi's, Polo and J. Crew

Rope is turning up all over - seen here at 3 different retailers recently in NYC.
Levi's on 59th St used rope to make curtains with hooks dangling in asymmetrical patterns. They were also shown in literal form hung like traditional 'rock climbing' rope complete with wood carvings which resembled small mountains.

At Bloomingdales Ralph Lauren Men's Store loose rope was displayed on the floor with nautical props.

The placement was relaxed yet deliberate and the other elements in the window helped add dimension.

J.Crew had a similar nautical theme but kept it clean with no additional props. Rope was used as backdrop in various widths connecting from floor to ceiling to create a rope wall of sorts.

Collectively, rope works well in these windows and is used effectively to tell three distinct visual stories.

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