Thursday, April 30, 2009

Singular Focus

Sometimes it works to take one item and repeat it or use it in multiples. We see this technique employed often and here are 3 examples with varying results.
The multiple layered leaves and birds convey spring and were spotted in Shanghai. Though I like the large scale of the props and the whimsical shapes, I don't think the total window is a visually appealing - perhaps due to the choice of colors.
The umbrella's catching crystals (or "rain") was dramatic due to the tall ceiling and multiple layers and helped elevate the somewhat plain dresses shown here at Tadashi in Las Vegas. Perhaps April showers do bring may flowers.
The beach inspired driftwood "fence" seen below was also hung over the cash wrap and together proved interesting. The outfit might have reflected something a bit more 'seaworthy' but overall it directed your attention to the summer clothing.

What's your thoughts? Single Props in multiples - hot or not?

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