Thursday, August 5, 2010

Looking Back at J. Morgan Puett

One of the masters in brand appropriate visuals and the store environment -
J. Morgan Puett's Broom Street store in Soho in the early 90s was an oasis of southern charm. With it's red Georgia clay on the floor and walls and ceiling covered in battered tin, one would be transported immediately upon entering to a kinder, gentler world, where 'sitting a spell' on worn rockers was an activity and shopping was secondary to visiting and chatting.

And yet, shop one did, because they wanted to be part of the what was and feel the washed linens and wrinkled clothes upon their skin. There was some nostalgia certainly, but not in a sentimental way and wearing the clothes and being surrounded in the environment of the well curated shop made one feel welcomed and at home. The store told the story and told it well.

Today, Morgan is creating something of a different environment at her artist commune in Pennsylvania - and if you missed Soho, here's your chance to see some of the objects revisited -

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