Tuesday, May 19, 2009

5 things we LOVE about Visual Merchandising

1. It can tell a story
Good visuals can help a retailer sell the image of their brand. It’s best when visuals tie back to product but as long as the message is clear and the window is effective, we can learn a lot about a brand or store from their windows.

2. It can promote a good cause
Often retailers get involved in collaborating with charities or doing marketing tie ins. Using their store windows to communicate this is a great way to capture pedestrians attention and let them know what is important to their company.

3. It can show me who cares
When retailers take the time to think about the presentation of their store environment, it sets a tone. Good windows, clean selling floors and details like props in display vitrines add interest for the consumer and show that the brand cares what you think.

4. It helps me keep time
Seasonal enhancements and decoratives that reflect the time of year, help consumers know when and what to celebrate. Especially in the busy fall and winter season from Halloween to Easter stores help set the pace when there is one holiday after another.

5. It entertains me
As they say in PR, "bad news is still news" and even when a store window is unattractive, it can get people talking. Often I will pull over to look at a bad window and wonder where they were going with the idea -its like when you watch a bad movie with good actors and ask yourself "didn't any of them know while it was being made"?

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