Monday, May 18, 2009

today in history

Found an article from 1913 in the NY Times on Window Display. It seems there was some disagreement stemming from a National Window Trimmers' Association Convention in Chicago when a comment was made that the stores on England and France presented few attractive window displays because of a tax placed on window space in all buildings. An interview with W.F. Allert, chief of the window-dressing department of R.H. Macy Co. went on to talk about the disagreement and some rules of design.

Some suggestions for successful design included; light windows for dark displays and dark windows for light displays, as well as an aim to be "attractive, entertaining and convincing". Many of the rules that held true in 1913, have been bent many times, but there are still some similarities present today almost 100 years later.

For the full story - check here.

It can be helpful to look back when planning ahead!

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