Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rocking chair shopping!

Growing up in a small city where people walked, I became enamored of store windows from an early age. First I saw them as pedestrian entertainment -something to enchant and amuse you on your walk. Later I realized it was more like advertising or a visual extension of the store -much the way a diorama enacts a piece of history, a store window can tell a story about a brand that a sales person can't (unless they stand outside the store screaming from the sidewalk)
But, Wednesday, I was in the Philadelphia airport and spotted these rocking chairs along the 'Philadelphia Marketplace' which is a corridor of airport shops. The reference was of an outdoor pedestrian mall (but clearly we were indoors). And it made me think - do rocking chairs make people want to shop? Was this "country porch" environment meant to encourage shopping or sitting? As much as store windows are a way to entice customers into your stores, what does the outside environment say about your store and do you think this one is successful?

Where have YOU seen some in-effective OR effective shopping environments?

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