Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What does your SALE sign say about your brand?

Obviously we pay a lot more attention to store design than the average person, but I am sure you have noticed it too. It seems that every other store has a window dominated by a large sale sign and frankly, I am tired of it!
In today's economy, and consumers with less disposable income, brands need to stand out as having something special to offer their customers. Rather than just non-stop sales, why not offer value or service, or something unique?
What lies behind all these indistinguishable Sale signs and what would make someone need to venture in if they know the store next store is also on Sale?

So please, bring back the window display, bring on the creativity and dazzle the consumer at the street level. Give the pedestrian a reason to walk inside and become a customer OTHER than just because it's on SALE.

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