Tuesday, December 29, 2009

5 themes we noticed this holiday

Holiday 2009 was an exciting season at retail and kudos to the hard working teams of visual merchandisers who helped bring some fun back into store display! We noticed a few themes emerging during the season:
1. winter white - seen here at Polo RL but noted in many locations, the snowy frosty look was a hit.
2. natural influences - the inclusion of real and fake trees, garlands and other natural elements like pine cones lent an old fashioned air to store display.
3. wrapped boxes - most likely what retailers hoped all our homes looked like but the inclusion of wrapped packages in many retail windows gave an air of positive thinking and colorful imagery. Noted here at Ann Taylor Loft but noted in earlier blogs as well.
4. glitter - things that sparkle and shine catch our eye and many went in this shiny direction. Looking ahead to brighter times?
5. effort!! - the biggest thing we noticed this season was retailers big and small put a lot of effort into giving a festive appearance at retail that made shopping fun and entertaining. When was the last time you said that?
What did you see around this holiday season that is worth noting?

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